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We have a solution for all types of weather
with our SportsPlex at the Mine Shaft!

Batting Cages

Whether spring has sprung or not, take your hitting game to the next level in our batting cages, and bring the whole team! Two softball and baseball batting cages are available to all, practice and improve your skills in our exhilarating and climate controlled environment. Ball speeds can be set for both the active competitor or novice player – fun for all!

Don’t have equipment? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have top of the line equipment you can use free of charge! We understand that some athletes like to use their own equipment so don’t hesitate to bring it along!

Batting Cages:

$8/15 Minutes
$15/30 Minutes
$30/60 Minutes

Bucket of Balls Special !!!! $3

Golf Simulator

Though spring may show up late to the Keweenaw, your golf game doesn’t have to! The Mine Shaft’s SportsPlex is home to two golf simulators. These high end machines have industry leading technology for the most realistic experience in 15 different games, including soccer, football, and basketball too.

Infrared technology and high speed cameras create an immediate reaction for game play above all else. It is the only simulator that combines infrared lightwave technology with high speed cameras to show your real ball flight, with no delay, for the most complete experience. Our PGA officially licensed simulator that is partnered with the Golf Channel has an incredible screen that is 16 feet by 10 feet.
Come and give them a try, or tee up on one of the 84 offered courses and your game will be on par!

Don’t play golf? Try one of the other 15 games including, football, basketball, and soccer. There are even fun games like zombie dodgeball, carnival games, and shotgun and rifle practice. Every one of these will have an immediate reaction to your movements due to the infrared technology and high speed cameras.

Golf Simulator

$45/60 Minutes

Morning Special:
12:00 – 2:00 Monday – Thursday

Monday Special:
4-Hour block $140.00

Hockey Pit

The batting cage for hockey

Practice like the pros in our RapidShot Hockey lanes. Think of this as a smart batting cage for hockey, where repetition meets analytics. The RapidShot Hockey Training System features an automatic conveyor system that collects and passes hockey pucks. This patented training system has the capability of passing up to 800 pucks per hour, and also records accuracy, speed and reaction time. Pivotal for training in the off-season or honing in your skills with some extra puck time in-season, it’s sure to be a hit with teams and individuals alike.

Want to try it out but don’t have a stick? No worries, we have sticks of all sizes available for you to use free of charge.

Hockey Lane Times:

$10/15 Minutes
$20/30 Minutes
$40/60 Minutes

Memberships - Unlimited use of Hockey Lanes or Batting Cages*

Reservations encouraged and available every 15 minutes

$240/3 month

2 Friends
$315/3 month

Family 3+
$600/3 month

*Add unlimited of both sports for only $10/month more!

Youth Team Pricing with While Team Sign-Up